All Killer No Filler





■Disc 1
01. Crazy Arms
02. End of the Road
03. It’ll Be Me
04. All Night Long
05. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On (#1) 試聴iTunes
06. You Win Again
07. Great Balls of Fire (#1) 試聴iTunes
08. Down the Line
09. Breathless (#3)
10. High School Confidential (#5)
11. Break Up
12. In the Mood
13. I’m On Fire (#98) 試聴iTunes
14. Money (That’s What I Want)
15. Another Place, Another Time (#4)
16. What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me)
17. She Still Comes Around (To Love What’s Left of Me)
18. To Make Love Sweeter for You
19. Don’t Let Me Cross Over
20. One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)
21. Invitation to Your Party

7曲目「Great Balls of Fire」、8曲目「High School Confidential」も同様にロック史上に名を残す名曲。こちらはスピード感いっぱいのメロディーが魅力の気持ちいいロックです。

■Disc 2
01. She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
02. One Minute Past Eternity
03. I Can’t Seem to Say Goodbye
04. Once More With Feeling
05. There Must Be More to Love Than This (#1)
06. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
07. Touching Home
08. Would You Take Another Chance on Me (#1)
09. Chantilly Lace (#1) 試聴iTunes(USA)
10. No Headstone on My Grave
11. Drinkin’ Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
12. Sometimes a Memory Ain’t Enough
13. Meat Man
14. He Can’t Fill My Shoes
15. Let’s Put It Back Together Again
16. Middle Age Crazy (#4) 試聴iTunes
17. Come on In
18. I ‘ll Find It Where I Can
19. Over the Rainbow
20. Thirty-Nine and Holding
21. Rockin’ My Life Away

5曲目「There Must Be More to Love Than This」、8曲目「Would You Take Another Chance on Me」は共に1位を獲得。こちらでは哀愁たっぷりの歌声を披露しています。






Melody Selection ベストセラーランキング
イーブックオフ [中古CD・DVD]

ジェリー・リー・ルイスのベスト盤で ピアノロックの名曲を!!

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